7 Ways to Naturally Strengthen Your Immune System

Our immune systems are under constant attack.  It is continuously doing all it can to keep bend or chiropractorour bodies as healthy as possible.  Constant daily stressors can weaken it over time if the stressors are not dealt with.  Here are some things that you can do to strengthen and enhance your immune system

  • Reduce or better yet avoid sugar and grains.  They can unbalance your gut flora and increase the growth of bad bacteria (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBA), yeast and fungi.
  • Get 15 minutes of unprotected (no sunscreen) sun exposure daily.  The sun helps produce Vitamin D which can super charge your immune system.  Sunscreen will block the absorption.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night.  Melatonin is produced at night while we sleep and this repairs your body and helps it recover faster.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.  This will trigger a rise in specific immune system cells which increases your immune resistance.
  • Manage your daily stress and how you react to situations out of your control.  Stress can dramatically weaken your immune system.
  • Be careful with your diet.  Dieting decreases the function of your body’s natural killer cells which in turn will weaken your immune system.
  • Laugh.  Studies show that people who lack humor in their lives have a weaker immune response.