Are you Struggling with Unwanted Winter Weight?

Do you know what season it is?  It’s weight loss season.  Weight loss season usually occurs twice a year.  The first officially starts on January 1st.   It can last anywhere from a day up to but usually not longer than 2 months.  The second season has more of an informal starting time.  People start thinking about it around spring in preparation for summer and the dreaded swimsuit (there is a third weight loss season but this is primarily reserved for brides to be and will usually start a few weeks before the blissful day).

So why am I writing about this?  It’s because I am tired.  I’m tired of seeing people in my office (and out in the public for that matter) either struggle or fret this season.  I am also writing this to let people know that there is a better way.  A better way not only to lose the weight but to keep it off.  A way where you don’t ever have to think about this season again!

It’s a sensible, logical and practical way.  It can easily be turned into a lifestyle.  No more protein shakes.  No more diet drinks and no more instant meals.    No more roller coasters (unless you are at an amusement park).

If you are looking for the next latest and greatest diet with someone’s name or another city attached to it, this is not for you.  But if you are looking to reset your metabolism, eat sensibly and lose the weight permanently, you may have found your answer.

Call my office to see if you qualify.