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Autoimmune Thyroid Patient Results

“My Kids Have Their Mom Back”

For years I have been struggling with my weight as well as the typical thyroid symptoms.  Even though I was on thyroid medications, I didn’t feel any better.  I was told by my primary physician that it was all in my head and was given an anti-depressant prescription.  I then began to look for other options.  Since I started care with Dr. Lind, I not only lost over 20 pounds which I tried so hard to do  in the past but also my fatigue, joint pain and sleep trouble have also gone away.  I now can do the things I wasn’t able to do with my kids.

Thyroid Symptoms Gone!

“I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid.  For over 20 years no one could figure out why I kept having all of my symptoms.  I had extreme fatigue.  My energy was so low that I could not make it through the day.  My gut felt like it was going to explode on a daily basis.  My memory was so bad that I had a hard time remembering anything.  Since I have been under Dr. Lind’s care, I no longer suffer from any of my symptoms.  Thank you for giving me my life back.”  T.W.

My Life Is Turned Around


Thyroid Patient Recovers

“I have had thyroid issues for over 20 years.  I have been told by countless doctors that everything with my thyroid is ok.  I got so frustrated because I never felt ok.  Even when my thyroid meds were changes I still felt all my symptoms.  I was referred to Dr. Lind by a friend.  I was somewhat hesitant since nothing had ever worked in the past.  He explained to me things why I was feeling like I did. No one had ever mentioned this before.  Since starting care, my life has totally changed.  Nearly all of my thyroid symptoms are gone!  I have the energy to do whatever I want without suffering from trying to recover.  I thank him and my family thanks him too!”   R.T.

“I can live my life again!”

“I have been very sick for the past 7 years, and needing help doing the very basics in life, such as bathing myself. For the first time in my life I was completely scared! After only seeing Dr. Lind for 2 weeks now I have already been able to reduce 60% of all medications my doctor put me on, and I feel like I am getting my life back! I am able to enjoy time with my family now, which is something we haven’t been able to do in years. Now we all have hope!” G.N.

“I had spent 50 years Trying to Find out Why I had NO Energy…”

Chronic Fatigue



Chronic Fatigue Patient Recovers

I was tested but many, many doctors, all who told me that everything was ok and put me on more and more drugs. In only 5 weeks of treatment, I am now doing housework, driving and going for daily walks…..all what I could not previously do. I now have so much energy  I am also off almost all of my pain medication.   Thank you Dr. Lind!”


-Carol E-


“Thanks to Dr. Lind I now have the tools to help myself & live a more fulfilling life!”


“I got my life back!”

I am a 41-year-old cancer survivor with an extensive history of complications due to the aggressive treatment of my cancer at the age of 19. I came to Dr. Lind in a desperate search, not expecting solutions, but for any possible help he could provide in managing some of my problems.

Insomnia, fatigue, poor circulation and lack of appetite are to name a few of the problems I was experiencing, and I was continually getting caught up in a downward spiral which I was unable to break out of. Dr. Lind assessed my situation and immediately started me on supplements which would start to right things with me chemically and metabolically. It was very slow going at first, and I do admit I was a little frustrated that I was not making progress as quickly as both Dr. Lind and myself would like, but there was absolutely no question I was moving in the right direction!!

My bloodwork results are now showing in normal ranges, which had not been the case for years. I am no longer experiencing problems with appetite or circulation, and I have seen a marked improvement in my insomnia and even with the fatigue. For example, before I saw Dr. Lind, I was only able to get out and about or run errands once a week. Just a trip to the grocery store would leave me “paying the price” by exhaustion for three to four days afterwards. I was also having to cancel a once weekly coffee visit with a girlfriend due to fatigue, and that would be with her picking me up and doing the driving. Now I am happy to say I have the energy for not only coffee, but several more days of activity in normal life!

I don’t know how to thank Dr. Lind and his staff for all of the support they give me, not to mention setting me on the path to healing. I am still not 100% and never will be due to the extent of my cancer treatment (which included a lengthy stay at St. Charles, two heart attacks and a brain hemorrhage), but thanks to Dr. Lind I now have the tools to help myself and to live a more fulfilling life!

“My vertigo and balance issues are gone and my energy is restored!”

“I now have so much more energy!”

“I had tried going to other doctors and chiropractors and had minimal or no results at all. After coming just a few times, I was no longer having any headaches or nausea. I now have so much more energy and with the pain gone, it’s made me want to get out and go all the time!”   -KC-

“I could barely get out of bed in the morning”

My life has completely turned around since I have been coming to Dr. Lind. I was very tired, not feeling good and had zero energy. In my short time with Dr. Lind, I have actually lost 22 pounds and feel like a completely different person! I can now look forward to a healthier, longer life.” L.E. –

Stopping the Downhill Slide!

Stopping the Downhill Slide!

I had seen several doctors and had spent too much money on useless treatments before discovering Dr. Tim Lind. I even had a nerve oblation performed to treat my pain. The pain returned too soon. Then I saw Dr. Lind’s ad in the paper, and after checking out his Web site, I decided to schedule a consultation with him. After performing a thorough examination on me and running several lab tests, he was able to tell me that I have a gluten intolerance and an autoimmune (at least one) disease/disorder. (I had already been to a rheumatologist who told me that I didn’t have lupus, but he didn’t do any further research to see if I might have had any other autoimmune disease!) But thanks to Dr. Lind, I am no longer sliding down the slope of ill-health. I am not yet completely well, but Dr. Lind is helping me to recover some of my health. It’s a slow climb back up, but at least I’m going up! He keeps working with me by modifying both my diet and my supplements to see what works best for me. Thank you, Dr. Lind, for throwing me the rope and helping me climb back up!
-S. U.-

 Fibromyalgia patient speaks

“I just feel Better!”

“I had neck & back pain for 13 years…”

“I had such pain in my neck and in the center of my back that I couldn’t even tip my head back to rinse my hair in the shower. I had this problem for 13 years and every 4-6 months I would have to be in a neck brace for at least 3 days. I had tried many things to help get rid of this pain but nothing worked. Since I started seeing Dr. Lind, I now no longer have any neck and back pain. My sinuses have also cleared up under his care. Thank you!”

                                                                                 – Patty O.-

“Being Against Medication…I Saw Dr. Lind…”

“I suffered from a bad snowboarding accident, in which I hit my head pretty hard, causing excruitiating pain in my neck, and terrible migranes.   I was treated by a  doctor who prescribed heavy pain pills for temporary relief.  Being against  medication and seeking corrective treatment,  I saw Dr. Lind, and found immediate relief!  I no longer have the severe neck pains, or migranes  Many thanks to Dr. Lind for giving my youth back, and allowing me to get back on my snowboard painfree!” 


“I am FOREVER grateful to Dr. Lind!”

When it started, it was like kidney stone pain, like when I lay down my back felt like it would break in half. I had pain and stiffness in my legs and my neck. After my second child everything started to get worse. I got multiple MRI’s, every test under the sun, eight vials of blood from my arm. Nothing was coming up. One doctor said I have a “Lying disease”. I couldn’t get out of bed, and I felt like a 90 year old woman. I went to one chiropractor to get an adjustment and later that day when I went to the beach I couldn’t move from the neck down I as in so much pain. I had every anti-depressant or pain killer that one could get for fibromyalgia. I would rather have dug my own grave and jumped in it than to live another day that way. In 2 months time, I feel a good percentage better, and I’m off of every single drug that I was taking. Anybody that has anything fibro related, pain, fatigue, dizziness, you have to get your hands on them. I believed in you from the minute I left the office. Your dedication and how well you generally care about people, it shows, you help people, you’ve helped me. I am forever grateful to Dr. Lind.”   -Michelle H-


 Fibromyalgia sufferer regains her life


“I was seeing several medical doctors & still no relief…”

“I was having lower back pain that stopped me from doing my job. Chest pains that came and went. I missed a lot of work and ran up medical bills. I was seeing several medical doctors and still no relief. Once I came to Dr. Lind, my back pains went away and my chest pains are almost gone. I wish I had seen Dr. Lind many years ago. My back is feeling the best it has felt in 35 years!”

-Michael M. (patient of 7 yrs.)-

“I Needed Care to Maintain My Lifestyle…”

“I needed care to maintain my lifestyle.  I was aching and had limited activity due to a tumbling accident as a college cheerleader.  I am doing great now with excellent care.  Dr. Lind’s care has given me the relief I need to keep going.   I appreciate all the help that I have received!”

                                                                                           -Lucille J. (patient of 11 years)-

“I Needed Care to Maintain My Lifestyle.”

“I needed care to maintain my lifestyle.  I was aching and had limited activity due to a tumbling accident as a college cheerleader.  I am doing great now with excellent care.  Dr. Lind’s care has given me the relief I need to keep going.   I appreciate all the help that I have received!”

                                                                                           -Lucille J. (patient of 11 years)-

“My Energy Is Constantly Increasing!”

“I have felt better in the last few months than I have felt for in a very long time. My energy is consistantly increasing. My back feels wonderful and I no longer have to take nightly hot tubs to relax before going to sleep! ”

                                                                              -Lisa M-

“What Dr. Lind Does is Amazing!”

“I had neck and shoulder problems with my hands going numb. What Dr. Lind does is amazing! I was getting very worried about my hands because I am a massage therapist and I know it is very serious if your hands go numb. But now my numbness is gone!”

                                                                                          – DD-

“I Continue to Improve with his Help.”

“I had been having headaches over my left eye that were becoming more and more frequent. When I would get these, I wouldnt be able to do my routine and had to lay down. I would even have to vomit when they got bad. I have been impressed with the treatment from Dr. Lind. I’ve only had 2 headaches in 6 weeks which hasn’t happened in years. I continue to improve with his help. “

                                                                           -Linda M-

“I Feel 100% Better & Dr. Lind Always Takes Excellent Care of Me!”

“I was having pain in my lower back and a pinched nerve which would make my leg give out. I was miserable and in constant pain. I was suffering for several months and it got to the point that I was popping ibuprofen (3-4) 2 or 3 times a day. Dr. Lind discovered that I had a 10% curve in my lower back, which was pinching my nerve in my right leg. I feel 100% better and Dr. Lind always takes excellent care of me!”  -Julie C. (patient of 5 yrs)-

“I Was in So Much Pain That I Could Not Perform My Daily Activities.”

“I was in so much pain that I could not perform my daily activities. Everything I did caused pain. I was told by doctors to get out and exercise and that it was all in my head. I came to Dr. Lind and he agreed, it was in my head but for different reasons! I now feel so much better and I can now even bowl again.”  -Lois L.-