How is an Autoimmune Disease Treated Naturally?

 I get this question a lot but before I answer it, I need to make a distinction.  Most people I see in my practice are chronically ill.  They have been diagnosed with a condition that has been treated or managed unsuccessfully for many years.  I do not treat autoimmune conditions or any chronic condition for that matter.  I treat the person WITH the condition.  Now some would say that this is semantics but it is not.   Let me explain.  Someone has a health problem and seeks help.  A diagnosis is given and then the diagnosis is treated.  This is how the health care game is played.  It doesn’t take into account that every person is different, that they have different blood chemistries, that they have different genetic make up, or different lifestyles.  People are different and they need to be treated differently or individually.

You see, a diagnosis is just a name.  It can give you some information about what is going on but it won’t tell you WHY it is going on.  Let me give you an example.  If someone has blood work done and they have high cholesterol.  They would be diagnosed with hyperlipidemia and given a statin medication like Crestor or Lipitor.  This does not answer the question “WHY” their cholesterol levels have become high.  It just is about lowering the cholesterol levels.  This is the reason why once someone starts cholesterol lowering meds (or most any other meds or other diseases) that they never come off of them.  If they do, usually their cholesterol levels begin to rise again.  This treatment protocol does not address the WHY issue.

So how are autoimmune diseases or any other chronic condition treated naturally?  I always ask the “WHY” question.  I feel that you need to determine the mechanism of the problem in order to address it properly.  Let me give you another example.  Let’s say that I see someone who has been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  Now, an autoimmune condition is an immune system problem and in this case, not a thyroid problem.  The immune system is attacking and destroying the thyroid tissue.  My question would be “What is triggering the immune system to attack the thyroid?”  IN ALL AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS, THIS IS THE QUESTION THAT NEEDS TO BE ASKED!

 Once this is determined, only then can an effective treatment protocol be established to help that person regain their health.  There are many different things that can trigger the immune system to attack the body.  I will list the primary ones:

 *Food sensitivities

  1. Hidden gut infections
  2. Heavy metal toxicities
  3. Environmental toxins

 In working with someone with an autoimmune or other chronic condition to help regain their health, it is important to discover all of the triggering mechanisms that are causing the attack on their body