“I am FOREVER grateful to Dr. Lind!”

When it started, it was like kidney stone pain, like when I lay down my back felt like it would break in half. I had pain and stiffness in my legs and my neck. After my second child everything started to get worse. I got multiple MRI’s, every test under the sun, eight vials of blood from my arm. Nothing was coming up. One doctor said I have a “Lying disease”. I couldn’t get out of bed, and I felt like a 90 year old woman. I went to one chiropractor to get an adjustment and later that day when I went to the beach I couldn’t move from the neck down I as in so much pain. I had every anti-depressant or pain killer that one could get for fibromyalgia. I would rather have dug my own grave and jumped in it than to live another day that way. In 2 months time, I feel a good percentage better, and I’m off of every single drug that I was taking. Anybody that has anything fibro related, pain, fatigue, dizziness, you have to get your hands on them. I believed in you from the minute I left the office. Your dedication and how well you generally care about people, it shows, you help people, you’ve helped me. I am forever grateful to Dr. Lind.”   -Michelle H-


 Fibromyalgia sufferer regains her life