My Top 20 Free Health Apps

Swap It Don’t Stop It

Since around 61 percent of adult Australians are reportedly obese, the Australian Government developed this useful app to help us make healthier choices. It shows you how to make smarter food choices from swapping sweets for nuts, to getting more exercise in your day, along with ways to shop smart, save calories and even how to join local exercise classes. You can track your progress and set alerts to be remind you when its time to make a swap. Handy and informative.

Free on iPhone and iPad



By simply scanning the barcode on packaged food items as you shop, you can glean all the key nutritional details without having to decipher a single label. Fooducate gives every food item a letter grade for health, from A to D, based on an algorithm developed by nutritionists and dietitians, which takes into account the nutritional density of each food. The program even considers ingredients and other nutrition label components that sometimes get lost in harried consumers’ processed-food analyses, such as preservatives, additives, high fructose corn syrup, food colorings, added sugar and serving sizes. Users can weigh the pros and cons of each product and compare them side-by-side to healthier options.

Free: iPhone and Android


Superfoods HD

Do you know your goji’s from your gooseberries? This app teaches you about a wide range of superfoods and how to integrate them in your diet. It gives you the health information on each superfood, along with clear, useful images so you can spot them when shopping in the supermarket and over 200 recipe ideas too.

free on iPhone and iPad


Easy diet diary

According to a study at Wisconsin-Madison University, photographing your meals can help you keep your overall kilojoule count under control. Use your iPhone to record your meals, then upload them to this site to keep track of how much you’ve eaten (and drunk) each day.
Price: free on iPhone and iPad


Smoothie Recipes

This app contains 110 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. There’s even suggestions for making your own mocktails, and best of all, calorie content is included.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Fitness Builder

Whether you’re starting an exercise routine for the first time, or just want some workout inspiration, Fitness Builder can help. This app lets you choose from an impressive library of more than 5,600 exercise images and videos, or, you can even ask a personal trainer for helpful advice.

Price: free on iPhone and Android



If you’re looking for a new running route, want to log the distance travelled or find someone nearby to run with, them this app is a must-have. This version also suggests the foods you should eat before and after your workout, and logs the number of calories burned.

Price: free on iPhone and Android.



The Australian Heart Foundation recommends walking 30 minutes every day in order to keep our weight, heart and cholesterol levels in check. This app lets you keep track of how far you’re walking, and how many kilojoules you’ve burnt by storing the information on your phone (which is then uploaded to the website).

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.



Like iMapMyRun, this app uses built-in GPS technology to track your cycling distance, while keeping track of the time, distance or speed you’ve cycled.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Nike Boom

Now you can achieve that long, lean and toned body with Nike’s personal trainer workout app. This version lets you choose from more than 60 workout sessions (including images and audio) matched back to your own music. Just download it.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Just Start Walking

From the Australian Chiropractor’s Association comes this easy-to-use app. It allows you to track, map and measure the distance you’ve walked, share updates with friends, while offering information on how to maintain correct posture or find a chiropractor in your area – if needed.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android



HealthVault is a Microsoft-branded application that is meant to be a repository for user’s to store theirs and their family’s health information in a single, reliable place. Users can get rid of the notebook and store their family’s medical record numbers, track prescriptions and notate any allergies or chronic conditions. HealthVault helps busy families stay organized and prepared in case of emergencies by storing all of their health information in a secure online platform. Additionally, HealthVault has partnered with many health-centric applications in order to offer extra services to their members as well. Examples of these value-added services include tools from American Diabetes Association or the Mayo Clinic Health Manager. The HealthVault application and its other offerings and features is a sophisticated approach to managing and sorting health care information and making such information accessible to patients.


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

Enter your age, gender, weight loss goals and this clever app will help you reach your weight loss goals in your requested time frame. It lets you keep a food diary, tracks the amount of exercise you do, and after all your hard work it tells you how much room for manoeuvre (such as a glass of wine) you have left at the end of the day. Addictive.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Stress Check

According to Lifeline, 93 per cent of Australians experience stress due to family, work, health and financial pressure. Use this app to see how you rate on the stress chart. Developed by clinical psychologists, it takes you through a series of stress check quiz, exploring different areas of in your life. These stressors are explained, along with helpful tips on how to reduce anxiety in those areas.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.



Much more than an alarm clock, this app gently wakes you each morning to a summary of your sleep stats and the day’s weather report. You can even pair it with the Sleep Cycle alarm clock version: place your iPhone under your bottom sheet and the movement sensor will determine which sleep phase you’re in. Android users should try the Sleep app which is virtually the same and free too.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad.



Find out whether your peepers have perfect 20:20 vision or you need to visit your optometrist for some stylish specs. This app also tests colour perception, stigmatism, eye and eye dominance (letting you know whether you have a lazy eye).

Price: free on iPhone and iPad.



Even if you’re decades away from collecting your pension, it’s never too late to reduce your risk of developing dementia. Alzheimer’s Australia and the Bupa Health Foundation have launched BrainyApp, to help younger Australians reduce their risk, with information including improving heart health, exercise, nutrition and reducing alcohol intake.

Price: free on iPhone and iPad.


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

Enter your age, gender, weight loss goals and this clever app will help you reach your weight loss goals in your requested time frame. It lets you keep a food diary, tracks the amount of exercise you do, and after all your hard work it tells you how much room for maneuver (such as a glass of wine) you have left at the end of the day.

Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.


The Calorie Counter App

The My Calorie Counter iPhone app was developed with a simple mission: to provide an easy-to-use tool to help you count calories in food and fitness activities, lose weight, and maintain a healthy life — wherever you are.

  • FASTEST calorie tracker for food and fitness available
  • BARCODE SCANNING makes adding photos so easy
  • NUTRITION TRACKING helps you watch daily fat, cholesterol, carbs, sodium, and protein
  • WEIGHT TRACKER lets you track and view your progress … and much, much more!


The Snack App

Hungry? The Snack App will help you choose the perfect nosh — and tell you how many calories it has. Just let the app know what you’re craving — salty, sweet, creamy, cheesy, sinful, and more — and you’ll get a list of tasty snack ideas sorted by calorie levels and complete with nutritional info.

Feeling guilty after your snack? The Snack App also suggests ways to burn calories!